June 2014

It is on record that the UK government is providing non lethal materiel support to the Syrian opposition fighters. Cameron and Hague have said as much many times both in national, European and world forums. So why should the UK security services be worried if UK citizens follow the example of their elected leaders and travel to Syria and its close abroad to fight the Assad regime using, possibly, the said same materiel support. Surely the UK authorities should laud and give support to such democratically spirited citizens?

In a similar vein. Cameron recently went to the D Day Landings commemoration services in France. Here he paid tribute to all those who had taken up arms to fight and defeat the German nazi fascist thugs. This while publicly stating at other venues and forums that the UK government was actively supporting the Kiev Maiden fascist thugs in their activities to overthrow a democratically elected Ukrainian president in January February March 2014.

Why has the UK’s press and media kept silent on this conundrum? When one looks closely at the goings on of our democratically elected leaders one finds that the UK supports fascism around the world and has done so for centuries. Which leads one to think that we are not a freedom loving democracy but in reality a fascist (bully) state endeavouring to impose our will on other countries.

The majority are oblivious to this scenario as the UK media pump out simulacra where the real and non real dissolve into each other to provide a soothing band aid to limit conscienceness. As George Orwell said in 1942 bully best describes the term fascist. Cameron Hague et all could be described as playground bullies currently endeavouring to impose their NATO will on a world playground.


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