September 2014

The current situation in Ukraine should be viewed as a battle for hearts and minds on a worldwide scale.

The Russians have their plan and it is currently working in tandem with the NovaRussian forces who are having sweeping successes in freeing NovaRussia of the Nazi Ukrainian military.

Is it logical to assume that the plan involves NovaRussia driving west beyond Odessa to the Romanian border thus removing Ukrainian access to the Black Sea and just important no Ukrainian ports of call for US / NATO warships.

Also the border of NovaRussia (Eastern Ukraine) will be the Dnipro with the NovaRussian forces gradually moving up to reach Kiev by June 2015 where they will be welcomed with open arms by the vast majority of the freezing, hungry western Ukrainian population. Gas will flow and Russian humanitarian aid will be the order of the day.

Politics will then emerge and the remains of the Nazi junta will be put on trial and those Ukrainians who do not wish to live in the east can move to the west of the Dnipro to Western Ukraine.

US NATO reaction will be muted because by then they will have realised that the BRICS led by Russia and China literally have them over the barrel. In this case an oil barrel. All the Russians have to do is state that all payments for their oil and gas will have to paid in any currency other than US $ as the Chinese currently do using the Rinminbi.

No petrodollars equals the end of US hegemony. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXGPzDq45gM


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