September 2014

Remember Japan when it exported everything including the kitchen sink to practically every country in the world. Then its young economics graduates had a spell of learning the American way at places like the Harvard Business School and came back home to set in motion speculation rather than economic growth and to advanced balanced budget theory. Goodbye Japan. Germany has fallen for the same American dogma and dragged the Euro down into the US inspired depression pit of austerity. The only countries where a stand is being made against American capitalism is Russia and the BRIC nations. In Russia the Atlanticists are coming up against a major sea change in public opinion promoted by the Eurasian federalists led by Putin and Lavrov who have shown the Russian people that it is in their interests to invest in their own countries vast resources rather than stash their cash in western offshore tax havens. Standby for the nationalisation of the Russian Central Bank away from those self same Atlanticists and their American financiers.


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