December 2014

Will Hutton you do not know hatred when you see it. Ever since the Scot, Patterson, created the money out of thin air printing press in the 1600’s which kept our Dutch king of England William of Orange in funds the English nation been promoting hatred between nations and peoples around the world.

Recently over the past 100 years there has been WW1 & WW2 pitting nations against nations with we along with the US supplying both sides of the conflict with arms, munitions and capital.

Currently we the English along with the US and NATO member countries are providing support to the Neo Nazi Fascists in Kiev where an elected President was deposed in a coupe and where now the Ukrainian fascists are fighting a war against their own citizens in the east of their country!

How cynical can you be Hutton. Time to get Orwell out. If the English carry on like this we will eventually be flushed down the drain.


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