June 2014

We, myself excluded, hate Russia because it stands in the way of US/NATO expansion eastwards. The UK is at the forefront of this eastward expansion policy. Any country that stands in its way will be obliterated; that is unless it is strong enough and technically advanced to repel such expansion.

NATO expansion is currently situated on the Ukrainian/Russian border where the unelected fascist Ukrainian government is waging war on its own citizens. NATO calls these citizens terrorists. Civilians are being bombed in their homes, schools and hospitals. Geneva Convention? Forget it. In NATOs eyes these Ukrainian citizens are terrorists so Geneva conventions do not apply.

Recently Cameron and Hague attended the D Day commemoration services in France along with other NATO leaders with Russia in attendance as well. Here they all commemorated the victory over fascism in WW2, while at the same time NATO was aiding and abetting the overthrow of a democratically elected Ukrainian president and parliament and the substitution of an fascist unelected parliament.

Russia of course is totally opposed to this situation thus the current stalemate in Eastern Ukraine where Russian citizens are crossing the border to assist the Ukrainian Russians in their fight against fascism.

It appears to me that, to quote George Orwell, Black is white and white is black! In that freedom loving democratic NATO is actually fascist and fascist totalitarian Russia is actually preventing fascism from spreading and infiltrating their form of democracy?


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