August 2014

My headline picture shows the cockpit port side fuselage of flight MH17 which indicates that it was not hit by a Bukh missile only for there are canon holes clearly shown.

I wrote the following note to my MP on the downing of MH17 and I am still waiting for him to reply.

Will you please ask the following questions on my behalf to the relevant ministers including the Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and Home Office ministers.
Why has no official report been published with regard the evidence produced by the MH17 Black Boxes at RAE Farnborough?
When will such evidence be made public?
Would ministers agree that if no such evidence is published then it is logical to assume that evidence produced by the Russian government is a true statement of what actually happened?
Would ministers also agree that they are supporting and abetting a Nazi Fascist Ukrainian junta in not providing or making such evidence available, especially to the Malaysian authorities, and that in doing so are open to the argument that they themselves are actually fascists?


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