January 2015

2015 General Elerction.

So the Tories will not be getting my vote. Come to that neither will Labour or the Liberals. UKIP for a protest vote? No way.

None of these politicians should hold their heads high. More they should hang their heads in shame. Do they not understand what is actually going on in the world. That the majority of the major western economies are about to implode. Do they not understand that it is the BRIC economies that are taking their place in what has become a multi polar world. That these self same BRIC nations want the west to join them in this multi polar world. That European business want to become part of the new Eurasian century. China and the Russian will not lay down to any type of western imposed sanctions. Does Russia actually have to refuse to pay off (default) on their debts to western banks? What on earth is the reason for these sanctions? They will surely bring the west to its knees.

So UK politicians educate yourselves. Read some non western newspaper editorials. Stop supporting and assisting a Ukrainian fascist junta in Kiev who are still shelling and murdering Ukrainians on their own soil. After all we are told that we the west are for freedom loving democratic institutions while at the same we manipulate nations into civil wars such as that currently continuing in Ukraine.


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