September 2014

Dictatorship what Dictatorship? More like Democracy!

Putin and his Eurasionist National Liberation Movement (NLM) are totally in control of Russia today as the recent house arrest of Yevtushenkov indicates. On the political tack Putin recently had the state Duma assemble in Yalta for a three day session. Here Putin told the Atlanticist members that their days were literally numbered as were their oligarch friends unless they repatriated all their offshore assets including sale proceeds from Mayfair properties and football clubs to the state treasury. If not then it is literally goodbye, he is quoted as saying. Evgeny Federov a close ally of Putin has been charged with getting this message across: not only to oligarchs and politicians but the general public as well. Federov has a website where politicians and oligarchs are directed to see the message in greater detail. Within this detail is a five minute video which refers to the UK as a leech who along with US is sucking Russia dry at the rate of $1 billion a day! The next move will be a referendum on a new constitution and the the nationalisation of all banks and the introduction of a state central bank. The call is for Russian entrepreneurs to make their applications for business finance to industrialise Russian GDP using the countries vast land and mineral wealth.

This procedure was well under way as Nuland was spending billions of US $s in Ukraine funding the overthrow of a democratically elected president. Like it or not Putin was democratically elected. Well Ms Nuland I look forward to seeing the reception that you get in Moscow. You will be allowed in. Then you will be arrested There will be the political show trial. No doubt someone will offer you a cookie!


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