October 2014

For the past 24 years Putin and his Russia Euraisionist Federation party has been progressively taking back into to the Russian state all that wealth that the Oligarchs acquired in the privatisation and plundering era of the early 1990s. For a long and detailed description of this process I would recommend the following National Vanguard article:

This taking back of Russian wealth is still ongoing today signified by the house arrest of numerous Atlanticist oligarchs and their Duma backers. Putin recently had the State Duma assembled in Crimea during its summer recess and forcibly told those members who were Atlanticist integrationists that once again they had better support the Russian state rather than the west; he said that if they were not pro Russia in their outlook and actions then goodbye! At this time he further stated that they should go to the Rusnod website to view this message in more graphic detail:


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