March 2015

This all smells of the puppet masters who pull all the strings on the world stage getting set to pull the UK out of the European Union. Close inspection of Global Politics indicates that the BRIC nations are now in the ascendency – China and Russia in particular with their combining of assets and resources. The US and therefore the UK in the guise of NATO are endeavouring to save their bankrupt economic system that has to date spanned the globe. To do so they need a fully fledged war against Russia where Ukraine is the bait. Russia is not biting. European business want open access to Russian markets. Euro (German) politicians are slowly coming round to that way of thinking. It is therefore logical to assume that the US mad mavericks will, on behalf of their local US puppet masters, have to instigate a war against not only against Russia but also Germany and other like minded EU member countries as well. As the Global Puppet Master shakers and fixers mainly reside in the UK southern sylvan countryside they are setting up the UK political map to ensure exit from the EU happens sooner rather than later so as not to be part of the possible US EU conflagration. Thus Cameron’s move to have the UK / City of London play their part in the new, possibly soon to come, bi polar global economic order. The BRICs have made their move but they will not accept a NATO member into their fold. Is the UK about to leave NATO?


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