August 21014

Why should Russia have to send in an invasion force to Ukraine? Ukrainian Russians appear to be coping and demoralising the Ukrainian army themselves!

This blood letting will stop once the unelected fascist Kyiv authorities literally get cold feet. Russia just has to wait for the winter season when all the shivering Europeans join the Ukrainians in begging for their gas supplies to be turned back on. Do the Russians actually need a negotiated settlement? No not on Nazi terms. The West for once is going to have eat humble pie and climb down otherwise their will be revolution in many European capitals! with shouts of US out!

So NATO doesn’t know what it is doing? Well everyone knows that!
NATO is supporting an unelected Ukrainian fascist dictatorship.
The Russia parliament recently passed a law forbidding Russia to enter the Ukraine to protect those Russians who live in the Eastern Ukraine.
So who is the aggressor that supports fascism?


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