March 2015

An English translation of the commentary commencing at 08:40 of the video of the Russian News on Saturday March 22, 2015.

This report was centralized from the Russian Ministry of Defense. This is the recording of the tests of the new anti-missile system S400 Triumph. The strange thing about this report that while everybody’s attention was directed to the large scale military drill in Arctic region, this new anti-missile system test was conducted in Astrakhan region of South Russia. The S400 Triumph complexes there performed well, hitting all the intended targets.

You may ask what is the connection between the Artic and Astrakhan regions? It turns out the Astrakhan region was the preparation ground for the troops that did so well during the military drills in Arctic region. Today, in Murmansk, S400s started their first day on duty.

Sergey Moskvchev, the Division Commander of the Strategic North Fleet. “We all have seen the lamp diode television sets in the past. Now, everybody owns a plasma TV set. This complex (S400 Triumph) is the next step after the plasma TV set with the full HD and more, so to speak.”

Commencing at 10:20  Ideally, it’s all secrets upon secrets. However today Moscow took a sort of strange step by inviting the Military Attaches of many different countries to the brand new Command Center, the NTsUO, which is located on the Frunze embankment in Moscow. Our defence correspondent Aleksandr Baletski answers the question why. “Three helicopter pads, more than 1500 kilometers of the connection cables, underground constructions capable of taking a direct nuclear strike, this is the most secret structure of the modern military forces of Russia – the National Center of Defense Command. Today is the first time this center opened its doors, not just for the foreign diplomats, but also for the military attachés of more than 50 countries. You can see the full range of emotions from stunned to surprised. For example look at the Attaché from Latvia. His German colleague Rayner Shvalb explains why. “I’m very impressed with this command center. It provides capabilities of the full control and monitor of everything taking place in the military. It adds to transparency between our countries. ”

The military diplomats, connected to the intelligence services of their countries, were asked not to take any pictures. This center provides a real time control of everything with the troops in every given moment.

Most importantly, the main message came from the Assistant Minister Anatoly Antonov about so called “Russian military threat.” The West is trying to scare itself with the so called “Russian military threat.” This week military drills in the Artic regions and in the Western regions of Russia have caused a real hysteria amongst the Western partners. He further stated, “The West is creating and propagating the image of Russia as a monster that is going to drive its tanks through the Western and Eastern European countries. It’s not true. It’s all part of the information war against Russia. We don’t want to go to war.”

The new edition of the Russian military doctrine is the document that intends to provide the security of the country in time of danger. This was what the Assistant Minister Antonov asked the military attachés to convey to their countries’ governments, especially NATO member countries.

For on the multiple screens was shown the military drills and the detailed description of the troops. The foreigners obviously were thrown off by this openness of the Russians. They started feverishly taking notes on the fighter jets, SUs, T72 tanks, and Iskanders in Russian language without even translating.

The US military attaché with his customary nonchalant also scribbled something.

Bruno Russy, “This is the real transparency, as it comes. The same practice we use in Switzerland.”

Mohamed Usyp, Egypt. “That we were allowed to see such a confidential management center means that there is nothing here the Russians want to hide.”
He weas asked “What do you think about the Russian military drills?”
“It means that you’re ready to defend yourself. And if you’re ready to defend yourself, it means you’re ready to help other countries in their fight with terrorism.”

Just today the US moved fighter jets and troops to Estonia for the military drills that will last till mid April. Right on the Russian borders with non NATO members Finland and even the neutral Switzerland. Canada is conducting the military drills in Arctic region. Today, the US troops started the Dragoon March from Baltic to Germany to demonstrate the easiness they can cross the European borders.

These Russian military drills took place exclusively on and within the boundaries of the Russian Federation and were called threats by the NATO. Many western diplomats were aware of them.

Assistant Minister Antonov: ” We know and see what our colleagues from NATO are doing. We have capabilities for these. I’m very critical of the Western flamboyant marches and demonstrations of force near Russian borders. We are not planning to attack anyone.”
Nowadays, the military cooperation between the Russia and the West has been stalled. But this doesn’t mean that we going to sever all the contacts. The Ministry of Defense promised that  NATO representatives will be invited to a future Russian military drill. Let them watch and observe. (14:33)


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