April 2015

So in 2015 the Russians quietly sold $’s after having allowed the Rouble to bottom out which they have now re-acquired cheap using those previously mentioned $’s. The value of the Rouble is soaring and thus the price of Russia’s exports which have to be paid for in Roubles and this all because of ill judged Western sanctions. Now the Presidential Office has reorganised the Russian Constitution whereby the Russian Central Bank has lost its Atlanticist autonomy. It now has to follow Presidential and Government decree which is to boost lending by emission to Russian businesses for the development of the Russian economy and the wellbeing of the Russian people as a whole. The Atlanticist oligarchs have heeded the Presidential warning and are in the process of repatriating their offshore assets, at a discount it must be said, for the wellbeing of Mother Russia. Sheer genius by the reordered Russian State.



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