April 2015

To watch the Russian film White Tiger go to:

The film ‘White Tiger’. For me it all hinges on the final scene – who was Hitler talking to? At the highest level of human activity the question is ‘who is is actually controlling and manipulating the human race’? It must be someone and it must surely be a human.

We know that it is the banking establishment who decides who and when nations go to war; for it was Jewish German/US bankers that financed the Bolshevek revolution and all sides in WW1 and WW2. As these bankers made clear long ago they do not worry about who actually runs a country as long as the bankers control the money supply.

Is Russia’s current opposition to US agression on their borders and their continuing promotion of a multi polar world order together with the BRIC nations a sign that the uni polar world order is about to change? Quantitive Easing has slowly moved from Japan to the US and now currently practised by the EU. QE is desperation. All these economies are bankrupt and sooner or later will implode. Hopefully Russia and China will be benevolent and admit the West into a multi polar world but the question remains ‘who is the human who is surely controlling and manipulating us?’


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