April 2015

The biggest disease in the country is that of bankers not HIV. Quantitive Easing to the sum in excess of £500 billion to bail them out of their debts and what do we get in return? Worthless Collateralised Debt Obligations and other fancy sounding bits of paper. What do they do with the £500 billion? They just sit on it. The government say they wanted them to use it to get the real economy moving again but of course they cannot tell the so called Masters of the Universe what to do! Cut the deficit is the call of the three main parties who one could not push a fag paper between them with regard their policies. How can anyone in their right mind vote for them. In my constituency a vote for any of the other parties is a wasted vote! Surely time for Proportional Representation. Surely time for the Democratisation of the Money Supply! Surely time for the next government to spend another £500 billion into the real economy to get GDP moving again.


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